A walk in artisan Palermo

My relationship with Palermo is like this: every time I come back I find it more beautiful . Always a problematic city , but damn beautiful! Last December I went to visit it and the surprise for me, this time, was to see reborn in the old town many artisan shops. I go crazy for these workshops, I’d be in there for hours buying everything!

handcraft palermo walk

They are arts and crafts workshops with its own stand where it showcased all that is produced in the back room. Leather bags, fabric and recycled materials, clothing, painting, sculpture, jewelry, accessories, fused glass, hats, ceramics, paintings, lamps, decorative items, musical instruments ..In short there is something for all tastes and today I suggest an itinerary to do when you’re in Palermo going for shopping! We meet some of the many artisan shops of Palermo. Are you ready?

handmade palermo soleinsicilia artigianato

We start from the midpoint of Palermo: the Quattro Canti, that is the intersection between Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Maqueda. At number 297 of Via Vittorio Emanuele it is located in Spazio a Tempo, a workshop with a wonderful frescoed ceiling (you can also get in to look at it) under which original lamps, jewelry, home furnishings are exposed.

Going down Via Vittorio Emanuele to Piazza Marina, you will find,  after about 400 meters on the right ,via Alessandro Paternostro (which takes you straight to the famous and historic Focacceria di San Francesco) Here you can count at least three craftshop:  at n° 29 there is Azyzo (in Palermo “azizare” means to arrange, develop, make it cute), at 69 the Archigiana shop and at  99 Zonzo shop.

The tour continues to Piazza Aragona, at No. 3  you meet Ciatu (in dialect means breath), while at No. 21 there is Trash Trash Mash.

balarm ALAB artigianato palermo handcraft

Aren’t you still not tired ? Yes, because ,at least, we must return to the starting point, passing first from Via Divisi. Stop in at No. 29 by ALAB, Free Association Craftsmen / Artists Balarm (by the way..Balarm is the ancient Arabic name of Palermo) will give you some tips on the presence of other shops in the surrounding area. Well, at this point you can come back to via Maqueda and from there to the Quattro Canti. If you like the deviations keep in mind these other addresses: Via Alloro, via Lattarini Grande, 14 for a craft bookbinding, via Ponticello, Piazza Sant’Anna .


 Well that’s all for now..you will discover the rest!

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